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See how integrated data can drive HHS outcomes

Our Story

Whether you are implementing process-oriented strategies like comprehensive assessments and intensive case management, or envisioning policy approaches that cut across departments and program areas, integrated data can help.

​Actionable Intelligence: Using Integrated Data Systems to Achieve a More Effective, Efficient, and Ethical Government

Book Authors:

Heather Rouse, University of Arkansas, USA Casey Henderson, University of Pennsylvania, USA John Petrila, University of South Florida, USA Aileen Rothbard, University of Pennsylvania, USA Prashant Kumar, Integrating Factors, Inc. Paul Stiles, University of South Florida, USA Roger Boothroyd,University of South Florida, USA Richard Zerbe, University of Washington, USA Tyler Scott, University of Washington, USA Erika Kitzmiller, Harvard University, USA TC Burnett, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy, USA Whitney LeBoeuf, University of Pennsylvania, USA Erika Kitzmiller, Harvard University, USA.

Experienced Leadership

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